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GOA-403 507 INDIA
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Flowers, fruits and spice

Hotel Astoria boasts of its own special spice garden, where most of the spices and fruits are grown under the special care of Ida and Edwin Fonseca. Our kitchen has been relying on our own source of nutmeg, cinamon, pepper, bay leaves, cherries, breadruit, love-apple, etc. The fig-tree is right in front of the restaurant, and is such a pleasure to watch it.

You will generally find the garden in bloom with a variety of flowers, keeping up the name of the village of Assagao, which is known for flowers. Of course, if there be less of flowers outdoor, you will find them popping up from vases here and there. If you are lucky enough, you will find the rather rare pink lotus in full bloom. And you may not even need to step out of the property to watch wild-life particularly beautiful birds.

Before stepping out of the hotel, one can take a leisurely walk up and down the beautifully terraced landscape, drinking in the beauty of nature.

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