A family-run heritage hotel

Set like a shining jewel, ever so pleasantly amidst the peace, tranquility and simplicity
of a flower valley - Assagao - in North Goa.

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Assagao: Valley of flowers

Village ChurchIn idyllic Assagao you can relax in the lap of mother nature because it is a serene, hillclad green valley. The visitor doesn't have to search for birdwatching sites because it's where one wakes up to the harmony of sweet birdsong, bulbuls, woodpeckers and birds of colourful plumage.

The valley, populated by a Hindu-Catholic mix, is wellknown for its age-old, white-washed church. The Church of St Cajetan is considered as one of the ten best churches in Goa. In the valley too is situated the Palotti Insititute of Philosophy and Oriental Religions. Among educational institutions the village has an English-medium high school and an all-streams college, and very soon Agnel Ashram has set up a Technical College.

The two parallel roads are connected by a cross road in a rectangular residential area, with the centre being a cultivable paddy field laced with coconut grooves. Quaint village mansions dot the village, which has a couple of mineral water springs, and a time-worn landmark known as "Cator".

You shouldn't be surprised to find Europeans stepping out from the traditional Goan houses. They have either purchased old ruins and renovated same for holidaying in India or rented for the time being.

There are benevolent institutions like the Ishaprema Niketan looking after senior citizens and a Community Hope Centre, Badem. Other important, exclusive institutions/establishments have come up recently in the village including International Animal Rescue (IAR), Birthing Centre, Purple Valley, El Shaddai caring for orphans, etc.

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